6 Important Characteristics Of A Killer Ad. ?


Your newsfeed is a very, very busy place. Out of all the things on this list that you will read in the points below, the most important thing you can do when it comes to advertising on social media is to have an eye-popping creative.

Play around with different contrasts and bright colours. High-quality imagery is super important, however you don’t want it to ‘blend in’ with every other high-quality video on your newsfeed.

Millennials scroll on their mobiles super quickly, at a pace where they don’t actually read the text part of a post/ad, unless they stop scrolling first. The human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text. So it doesn’t matter how good your copy is, how awesome your call to action is, or how amazing your product is – if you don’t successfully do the first step and get them to stop scrolling first, they’re never going to know.


Facebook is not a newspaper. What I mean by that, is unlike how you would have to pay a premium to purchase a whole page advertisement in your local Bulletin, it doesn’t cost you a cent extra to make full use of all the room Facebook provides.

Design your videos in a width and length that takes up the entire newsfeed, from the top of your screen to the bottom. Not only will this make your ad more noticeable, assisting in ‘stopping the scroll’, it will also stop the user being distracted from both the posts above and below yours. It’s the news feed equivalent of lining up a row of people and putting the tallest and broadest person at the front; you won’t even see the other guys front on.


Always remember that the first 3 seconds of your ad are the most important.

I see many ads these days that attempt to have suspenseful build-ups. White text over a blank canvas that takes forever to get to the point. Most people don’t have the patience for that and will bail before the third line.

Put your branding upfront and get to the point quickly. Studies have shown that the average time that people will watch the entire length of a video is 14 seconds, and every second after that people start dropping off. It’s exactly why Facebook and Instagram stories go for 15 seconds..


Approximately 80% of people now watch videos with the sound off. This is often due to many reasons, for example they might be at work and don’t want to get caught by the boss. They might be sitting on the toilet and don’t want the person in the cubicle next to them to hear the video they’re watching, or they might just be laying in bed and don’t want to wake their partner.

Always design your video for sound off, whether it be some large, eye-catching text animations, or captions for parts of the video where there is talking.


Despite Facebooks user base growing, the amount of time people around the world are spending on Facebook is reducing. To fix this, recently Facebook has had to make some large changes with the algorithm. One of these changes includes favouritism over engaging posts, more than ever before.

You see, it’s called ‘social media’ for a reason, yet you can probably agree over the last couple of years Facebook has become less and less ‘social’. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a friend upload a ‘status’?

Alongside that, Facebook is also trying to cull Fake News and Engagement Bait. So know you have a little dilemma, how can I increase the number of likes, comments and shares, without asking for it?

The answer: Use humour.

Humour is a great way to get people naturally engaging with and sharing your posts, without getting your reach reduced by the Facebook demons for having ‘engagement bait’. Make your ads interesting and you’ll make a lot more money, simple.


If it’s one important skill I would recommend each and every one of you learn to obtain, it is the skill of copywriting.

I see far too many ads that have copy along the lines of:

”Blackhead Removal Masks On Sale Now! Limited Stock Left. Get Yours Here”

When instead, they should take the opportunity to have short, concise paragraphs on the benefits of how amazing you would look once you remove those ugly black dots from your nose and making note of the confidence you will have afterwards.

Split test short copy vs long copy. Remember that you are advertising to people that buy things based on emotion and who use logic to justify it. They aren’t mindless robots; they are intelligent people who live real lives and have real problems, just like yourself.


There’s no point having a winning product, an amazing creative and excellent ad copy, when you don’t have a call to action and leave customers confused and curious in the comments, saying ”where can I get this from?”.

Despite what I said in the previous point about your customers being intelligent, just like a toddler, they often need some prompting from time to time. Give them a little poke and point them in the right direction, let your product page and the rest of your funnel take care of the rest of the work.

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