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It’s 2019 ?, which means it’s been 3 years since you could first order pizza via Alexa and 4 years since the first coffee machine started brewing espresso on the space station. We’re living in the future! ?

While we might not be driving around in flying cars (but self-driving cars are here) there are a number of tools to automate most aspects of Facebook advertising.

We’ve divided them into 3 main tasks:

1. Ad Creation
2. Audience Creation
3. Campaign Monitoring/Reporting

What if we could spend an hour a week on each assignment instead of 10 hours?

It can be done if you use all the tools at your disposal, leaving you with plenty of free time to binge on Netflix and play with your cats!, Or, alternatively, the rest of the working week can be spent on more creative aspects of your business instead of staring all day at your Facebook Ads Manager screen.

#1: Conceiving the Ad Creative

Designing ads from scratch is a difficult process, firstly you need to come up with inspiring ideas and then you need to create the graphics and write the ad copy.

In this section we’ll look at five ways to enable this by using:

✔️Dynamic product ads – produce ads from your product catalog

Dynamic Product Ads: Let Facebook Keep Your Ads Fresh
If you’re running an eCommerce business then dynamic product ads are for you. These ads are highly effective as they show products which are relevant to the viewer.

For example, if someone visited your website and clicked through to some product pages, you can retarget them with these exact same items they just saw on your site.

The ads can also be used for prospecting – especially if you build a product set of just your best selling products – and for cross-selling and upsells.

They’re a huge time saver as well, just sync the product catalog from your website with Facebook Business Manager and then the product image, name, brand, and pricing can all be displayed dynamically.

As the ad creative is always up to date (assuming you automatically sync your catalog) these ads can often be run for months or even years with next to no maintenance.

Easier still, you can even automate the product catalog sync using an e-commerce plugin. For instance, Shopify stores can use an app like Flexify.

When creating ads we can often iterate on what’s already out there, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time.

✔️Info & ads tab – a way to spy on your competitors to get ad inspiration

As part of their aim to increase transparency for Ads and Pages, Facebook now includes an Info and Ads tab on every page, allowing everyone to view the ads that the page currently has running.

Why not check out what sort of ads brands that you admire are running, and of course, spy on some competitors?

Within minutes you’ll have ideas that you can adapt for the headlines, ad text, and images or video for your next campaign. There’s no need to start with a blank canvas, which is much more time-consuming.

Facebook Creative Hub: For Your Designer Team

As the name suggests, Creative Hub is the portal in Business Manager for anything related to ad creative.

It includes a “best of” selection of ads for all different types of formats.

This is perfect if you have a copywriter or graphic designer who isn’t used to working with Facebook ads or a specific ad format and wants to see some top quality examples.

You can also create mock-ups and collaborate on projects, allowing for rapid ad creation with team members.

#2 Audience Creation

Audience creation used to take hours of planning every week, each audience was handcrafted and involved user research and customer personas to get just the right combination of interests.

These days we can create highly effective lookalike audiences with just a couple of clicks, plus we have some email automation and powerful audience insight tools at our disposal.

For cold traffic prospecting we can use lookalike and interest-based audiences and for retargeting we can sync our email lists:

#3 – Campaign Monitoring

Producing ad creative and audiences is only the start of the process, once the campaigns go live they need regular monitoring and optimizing. Ads that are doing well can be scaled by adding more budget and those that are underperforming need pausing. Without this constant checking, it’s very easy to burn through your budget on Facebook and not get any results to show for it.

With Facebook users online around the clock and the possibility of campaigns running in multiple timezones, it can be a 24/7 job keeping on top of the ads. Thankfully there are some tools that can save us time and save our sanity.


Being able to 10X your productivity isn’t something that can happen overnight, but there are benefits even when starting out.

What if you can enjoy a one-hour lunch break instead of grabbing a quick sandwich? Next, aim to take Friday afternoons off and then take a whole day off, and so on.

Always keep in mind that using too many tools can actually take up more time in administering them all and can get expensive, so evaluate a range of options then try and stick to a few highly effective processes that save you the most time.

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